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about me/set up/game collection

I started streaming around the end of 2011 with a crappy happague-usb2 capture card, at that time twitch was still called justin.tv and we hadnt yet seen video game streaming go mainstream yet. Its been 5 years and I'm still having fun playing fighting games and speed running for anyone willing to chill out in chat and watch my streams

Capture Cards: [Main]Startech USB3 HD [Backup]Black Magic Intensity Shuttle
Monitors: benq RL2455S
Mic: Blue Yeti (Steel blue)
Arcade sticks: Sanwa Mono with blue/black 2tone sanwa buttons and ball top.
OSSC (Open source scan converter) line doubler (scaler) used with all my consoles.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES-001) - Modified with RGB for the high quality image.
Sega Mega Drive (HAA-2510) - This is the japanese version of the sega Genesis, this is a early model that skips the licensing screen at start up. Modified to play genesis carts. I mainly play my games on a everdrive x7 for ease of use
Sega Saturn (US model 2) - use a action replay to play my imports :)
Sega Dreamcast (DU911071595) - my U.S. launch model dreamcast, I've had this thing since 99 and I loved the shit out of it for its arcade perfect capcom/sega ports
Sony PS2 (SCPH-90001CB) - Modified with MATRIX 1.99 modchip for region free gaming and playing backups or translation patches, this is my main ps2 system for runs and video capture
Sony PS3 (CECH-4000) - standard ps3 slim no frills, barely use it.
Microsoft Xbox - the og big ass xbox only really used for Jet set radio future, spikeout and rent a hero no. 1
Microsoft Xbox 360 S - slim 360 this is my VF machine pretty much i only use it to play VF5 and VF2 online and maybe some multi plats.