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sept 25 2019

whats poppin? I came to the realization that I dont put all my effort into a lot of the games I speedrun. It feels like there are so many games I want to play but I dont realisticly have enough time to hyper focus on them to net really really competittive times for the more popular games that I play. I wish to change that by slowing down the number of new speedgames I try and squeeze into my fucked up brain and just go back to past games in order to optimize my runs to the best of my abilities. Just a thought.

forgot to update my site lol

aug 2019

Hello users! So its been almost 2 years since I last updated and I apologize but if anyone who watches me even reads this they would no I never stopped streaming

But I'd like to share some speedrun goals and FGC accomplishments in the past year

    FGC stuff
  • got top 16 evo 2018 in VF5FS
  • 2nd Place S.C.R. 2018 VF5FS
  • top 16 L.A.G. 2019 VF5FS
  • top 8 D.T.N. 2019 VF5FS
    Speedrun stuff
  • got WRs in Sega Bass Fishing (Dreamcast), Jet Set Radio (Dreamcast) Top skater and a few others

summer bummer

sept 2 2017

I have mentioned that I hate summer before. When I was a little kid summer was sick af, you didnt have to go to school, you just stayed in and watched cartoons and played vidya games or you went outside and played untill the sun went down and even then I remember parents being cool with their kids being out playing till like 9 or 10pm in the summer. When you're an adult you don't get 3 months off of work, you still gotta wake up and follow that drone schedule like every other day of the year.

That fact has been getting on my nerve, but thats probably just part of getting old right? I been feeling this fatigue like I mentioned in the last post and it's even affecting things I loved to do like draw and ofc vidya games, I'm supposed to go to SCR in a few weeks and I haven't even really practiced. I'm guaranteed to go 0-2 for sure.

frustration and heat crimes

august 5 2017

i been working way too fucking hard for what i have to show, you think i'd be living it up lavishly by now but thats not the case. i get so fucking drained that all i want to do when i come is powerup and watch youtube till i pass out. what a way to live right?

hopefully this fucking heat dies down so i can stream in comfort, ill be getting a AC soon as well so thats good.

hey chkit out randy

august 4 2017

i stumbled across neocities as a host so i pretty much slapped this site together from random code and some stuff i learned back in high school web design. anyway I pb'd today in Kick master, it took me long enough. kick master really isnt to difficult to speedrun its really just mastering the knee spam and hoping rngeesus doesn't decide to fuck you into hell. none the less this is my first speed running accomplishment, feelsgoodman