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I started speed running games in the begging of 2017 after years of watching from a far, I got motivated to start giving it a try and now it is one of my favorite hobbies and forms of gaming. Here you will find a list of all my speedrun.com leaderboard verified runs. All my runs are played on actual hardware, no emulation used for any of my submissions. To check out my console setup check out this page

any times with a "*" means that record has since been broken

Resident Evil / Jill Bad Ending Any% - 1h28m25s WR

Platform: Sega Saturn (NTSC-J)

recorded oct 22nd 2017

Man the Resident Evil series really opened my eyes as a kid that video games could really feel "adult" at the time I had never played a game with such a spooky atmosphere and blood and gore. Looking back now this game is hella corny and the GC remake really fixed everything bad about the original. This run was done on the Sega Saturn because nobody was running it, I decided to be the first!

Virtua Fighter / Normal Mode - 7m10s WR

Platform: MAME 0.189 64-bit
No splits available

recorded sep 20th 2017

It should be no surprise to anyone that follows me, but VF is one of my favorite fighting game franchises and so when I looked it up on speedrun.com, nobody had submitted any runs, so I thought I'd be the first. Pretty cool to have had the first WR in a game you love. As you will notice mame doesnt handle the game that well and it doesnt register some hits correctly or even display hair right!

Street Sk8er / Any% - 6m45s WR

Platform: Sony Playstation 2 (SCPH-50001)

recorded aug 18th 2017

I first played this game at my friend Mark's house back when It originally came out, everyone I knew pretty much was in to skate boarding and we would eat up anything skate related we could get. I'm pretty sure this game is based on Sega's Top Skater arcade, it uses the exact same trick system but obviously It looks nothing like that game. Another nostalgic favorite of mine!

Gundam Battle Assault / Zaku II - 8m58s WR

Platform: Sony Playstation 2 (SCPH-50001)

recorded aug 13th 2017

GBA was definitely one of my childhood holy grails, right up there with the infamously limited Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout I longed for this game as a kid, and when I later owned it, I made it my first recorded WR (8/13/2017). I used zaku II since that's one of my all time favorite suits.

Kick Master / Any% - 14m58s

Platform: Nintendo Enterntainment System

recorded aug 1st 2017

This was my first "official" speed run and it will always be one of my favorite nes games to run and play casually. I'm looking forward to always improving my runs for this time and time again

to dos

tmnt (nes)
hakutonoken (ps1)
resident evil 2 (ps1)
sonic the hedgehog (genesis)